"YONI" is a new solo production that explores the myriad shades of the female energy. This is a conversation to create an awareness about what the female energy actually is as represented in various Indian traditional texts. YONI questions our (mis)understanding of the female existence today, one that is seen with the colored lenses of sexuality, gender and other extrinsic factors that have been carefully imposed over many thousands of years. Through Bharatanatyam and the spoken word in English, YONI is a dance-theater production.

"Unravelled" is a new solo production that explores the unseen layers of the iconic Draupadi. What is it about this woman that has captured the imagination of poets and writers for so many centuries? So much so that she is the only mortal woman from the Indian epics who is worshipped as a Goddess - Draupadi
Amman. Through Bharatanatyam and the spoken word in English, UNRAVELLED is a dance-theater production.

"Samah"- For many centuries, two intertwined streams of thoughts have flourished giving rise to ecstatic poems that highlight the mad desire to live (and perhaps die) for a divine bond beyond the worldly realms. Voices that echo an unquenchable love for the divine and sometimes where the love itself becomes
divine! Barring religion, caste, language, social standing or economic status, these poems advocate emotional restlessness and a very intimate expression of the individual self. In this modern era of religious intolerance and turmoil, Samah explores intense and beautiful poetic works of Sufi poets like Kabir, Rumi, Amir Khusrau, Raskhan, Bulle Shah and Bhakti poets like Surdas, Vidyapati, Mirabai, Kanhopatra, Andal.

"Antaryatra - The Journey Within" explores the journey of the human mind. The performance begins with the neutral mind which is fulfilled and is at peace - a mind devoid of strong emotions. Through the course of the performance, various emotions are explored revealing the complexities of the human psyche. As the
performance draws to a close, the mind transcends physical limitations to unite with the eternal consciousness.

"Voices" is a celebration of the incredible human accomplishment of creating magic with words. The title Voices comes from the idea that the words in a poem start first as the Poet's voice. Those words are then interpreted by readers in their own voices in different ways. Dancers and musicians interpret poetry through movement and sound. Voices explores unusual verses by several poets including Pablo Neruda, Amir Khusrau and Jaishankar Prasad.

"Samviksana - An Exploration" is a margam-based performance that includes traditional items from the Bharatanatyam repertoire. The centerpiece is a varnam that describes the love of a nayika for her Lord. The production showcases the beauty of the Bharatanatyam vocabulary through precise rhythmic movements as well as brings out the emotive aspects that are central to this dance form.